Tai Chi Description
from Capitol Hill Tai Chi Schools

Tai Chi is the most unique of voyages into the human inscape. The essence of the art is moving meditation and the cultivation of chi, the intrinsic internal energy of the body-mind, which is itself the entire crux of Chinese culture and mind. The subtle, totally relaxed choreography of the art delivers unprecedented benefits of brain protection and smooth muscle enhancement that give more vigor and flexibility, better balance and mobility, and a sense of well-being such that the Harvard Medical School Book of Tai Chi agrees with a growing body of thousands of papers declaring Tai Chi to be the preeminent exercise for any age, any condition, any starting point.

This description of Tai Chi is the sole property of Dr. David Walls-Kaufman and Capitol Hill Tai Chi Schools and cannot be used in any part without attribution or permission.

The Origins

The roots of Tai Chi

The embodiment of Chinese Taoist philosophy, the Soft overcoming the Hard. Power accumulated through years of study and contemplation.

Chi - the direct current bioelectricity of the body, generated chiefly by the brain, amplified by time and tai chi practice.

Yin and yang - the equal opposite components of chi, explored and cultivated through quiet exercise.

  • Studies say Tai Chi increases muscle strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic conditioning
  • Tai Chi has a martial arts component, but without the spiritual aspects of Tai Chi, you'll never get to the martial
  • Osteoarthritis patients in one study reported less joint pain and stiffness after three months of practicing Tai Chi
  • Many people practice Tai Chi for health maintenance and improvement or for mitigating the effects of chronic conditions such as arthritis and normal aging
  • There is a compelling case for using Tai Chi as an adjunct to standard medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age

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