Meet Dr. David


Tai Chi Lineage. Since 1988 Dr. David Walls-Kaufman has been a student of Master Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, who is a senior student of Prof. Cheng Man-ch'ing.

Walls-Kaufman won the Cheng Man-ch'ing championship in Italy in 2006.

Music. Other interests include music. He is in a band called "Land of Malls" which is known for its indie-folk-rock-rockability sound.

Chiropractic Center. When he is not practicing Tai Chi in the park or playing in the band, he runs the Capitol Hill Chiropractic Center, recognized by Craig's List as one of the top ten chiropractic offices in the DC area.

My Teachers

Ben LoBen Lo. My teacher. I owe him everything. What he has given me is immeasurable. Study with him is a glimpse of China as it was. From him, I have learned there is only one way—the hard way.

Cheng Man-ch'ingProf. Cheng Man-ch’ing. 1902-1975. My grandfather. Master of Five Excellences. Exemplar of Chinese culture. Robert Smith called him, “The most effeminate man I ever met, but the toughest.” As a teen, I went four times to his NYC school, including the Sunday he left for the last time, but he never showed.

Yang Chen FuYang Cheng-fu. 1886-1935. My great grandfather. Yang taught the Palace Guard in the Forbidden City. He enjoyed Beijing life a little too much. His uncle thought him inserious in his TCC studies, called him home, and locked him in a room for four years to sit on his butt if he chose, or to practice.

Yang Chien-houYang Chien-hou. The uncle who guarded the Yang family lineage so closely. Son of Yang Lu-chan, who founded Yang family tai chi. This line of tai chi is now world famous and many modern styles have extended out of it.

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