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Join us on Tuesday evenings 7:00pm - 8:00pm at 411 East Capitol St., SE, Washington, DC 20003. Classes are outside weather permitting otherwise inside at this location. Please contact the school at 202-544-6035 for more information or location.

Tuesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST


  • 10 Classes: $200
  • Private Lesson: $100 per hour

If there is more than one student interested in a private lesson, the rate is negotiable.

Regular class includes Tuesday class and one intensive one-hour small group class per month at the school.

Push Hands

"Without the spiritual aspects of tai chi, you'll never get the martial," says Walls-Kaufman.

Push hands is the near-complete practice used in tai chi to explore the martial and spiritual. It incorporates all of the internal, philosophical and tactical themes of the art. Two people face one another and, staying lightly connected at the hands, wrists and elbows, pursue one another’s center of gravity with the object of gently destabilizing their opponent’s balance.

We emphasize gentle and courteous push hands in our group practice because I believe that genuine tai chi understanding is absolutely impossible without the feeling, and the proof, of chi that this unique insight provides us. It is as spiritual as any other part of the art.

The Tai Chi classes are open and friendly.

When: Every Tuesday 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST

Where: 411 East Capitol St., SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Open and friendly - The Tai Chi classes are open and friendly.

  • The Old School style of study emphasized.
  • Simple.
  • Not much talking.
  • Beginners are always welcome.
  • Intermediates and advanced even more welcome.

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